ASY Textile, which has been continuing its production in an indoor area of 14.000 m2 in Bursa since 1999, develops its collections simultaneously with the global fabric fashion with its R&D team that follows the knowledge about product development and patterning in the fabric sector, sectoral developments and innovations all around the world; and follows the modern trends and continues its way with its unique designs.

With its interest in quality and wide range of products from modern designs to sportswear, classic styles, suit fabrics to jackets and trousers, ASY Textile continues to be one of the leading companies in fabric fashion.

Adding new customers to its customer portfolio every day, ASY Textile is one of the leaders in the fabric industry and exports 60% of its production to abroad.


Adding new products to our product range through Research & Development studies and meeting the needs and expectations of our sector by expanding our market share in the textile sector,

Providing trainings to improve the quality and environmental awareness of our employees and developing team spirit.

Continuously improving the Quality and Environmental Management systems which are an expression of our responsibilities towards our customers and society in parallel with the increasing needs.


Advancing with its high technology, actively experiencing by producing innovative fabrics, always aiming for the highest quality standards, and searching for solutions to improve production processes and people’s work while fully protecting the environment.

Our company, the mission of which is to be sensitive to the environment system with its qualified work force, modern and innovative structure, accepts to increase its share in the foreign market by showing its continuous quality understanding and contributes to the development of national economy.



Growing by making a difference in textile products and services and becoming a global power.



• Reliability and Honesty
• Customer Orientation
• Continuous Development and Creativity
• Speed and Flexibility
• Active Participation
• Team Work and Collaboration
• Social Responsibility